So how was the REBEL TRIBE born? The biggest WHY is because of this invaluable little human in the pictures above.  I can also tell you this, It began a couple of years ago, but I had no idea. A few years ago, I didn't think that I would be here. I was in a NYC Public School fulfilling my passion of teaching our future global citizens.
So let's backtrack a little… While teaching, I had a beautiful baby boy that added to our family. My amazing daughter Ashley was already my heart beating outside of my body and then along came this amazing little gift Tyler. At the age of two, my precious little gift was diagnosed with Autism. To say the least, in the beginning I felt that my entire world had crashed. I was devastated. However, after having my pity party for a few weeks (which I totally needed in order to get to the next step) I put on my big girl panties and started figuring it out. Initially, me dealing wasn't all good in the neighborhood. I stopped attending events because I was exhausted of trying to explain Autism while I was still trying to understand it and navigate it myself. I began to alienate myself from others. I felt that many didn't understand my journey. During this period I lost friends (I thought they were friends at the time). I then realized that I had to create a tribe where I could share with no judgement. A tribe where I was free to be me. Luckily, I came across a group of moms who like me, needed support. Eventually, my charred wings began to reemerge. I was in a safe place where I was understood. I began to create meaningful relationships with my moms. We would encourage each other about life, celebrate each other and bond through motherhood. We began to breathe in circles, each mother's exhale would become inhaled by the tribe!
Although this is my journey with Autism, there is a bigger picture here. As mothers, we are ALL trying to navigate this beautiful, perfectly, imperfect thing called motherhood.
Creating tees that show the raw, uncensored beauty of children and celebrating mamas and women who are making ferocious movements while traveling through life is what feeds my soul. REBEL TRIBE allows me the opportunity to live in my purpose.
As the REBEL TRIBE brand grows, I am in constant awe of the tenacity of Women! Amazing Moms that are blazing a bad-ass trail through motherhood while embracing their beautiful imperfections. Mamas that are empowered and stepping through womanhood in their own way and killing it... real REBELS